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​Manage your business with powerful apps

​App Center opens up a world of possibilities.

​Quickbooks Integration

​Virtual Terminal




​Advanced Register

​Customer Feedback

​Digital Receipts with Logo


​Device Users

​​ Any Payment. Always Secure.



​Mag Stripe

​Gift Card



​Credit Card

​PIN on Glass

​Poynt Core Apps


POS Solution, built by and for Poynt

Poynt's POS solution is built to let you organize and optimize your customer payment flows painlessly. It is the POS system you've been waiting for.



Out of the box functionality

Terminal app lets you process transactions with Poynt out of the box. It's simple, functional, and reliable.


Poynt HQ

Manage your business from anywhere

Poynt HQ lets you manage your business anywhere. View reports, real-time statistics or setup a new user via mobile, web or on your terminal.


Poynt currently has 2 terminals:

  • The P5 a hand held smart terminal
  • Poynt ​Smart Terminal which takes the place of a credit card terminal or tablet Point of Sale (POS).

Poynt System also integrates with many of the POS systems used in Seattle Area restaurants incluiding Dineware, Micro & Aloha.

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