Online shopping is increasingly popular each year, with hundreds of billions of dollars being spent domestically. This, combined with the increased popularity of smartphones which act as points of contact, information storage units, and remote shopping devices, has led to the rise in popularity of mobile payment processing. Whether your business model involves e-commerce or a brick and mortar store, there are several widely popular forms of payment that could significantly increase your potential paying customer base..

  • Apple Pay: With strong brand loyalty and users who like to be “early adopters” of life-simplifying tech, it should come as little surprise that iPhone lovers also love using their phone to pay for things, both in online marketplaces and physical stores. Samsung Pay, while newer and with fewer users, is also a good option for online and in-store point of sales payments.
  • Google Wallet: Useful for online payments as well as in-person payments, Google Wallet has millions of users who are more than eager to pay by using their phone instead of digging out their wallet. Additionally, consider Android Pay, which is also owned and designed by Google, with millions of users at brick and mortar businesses and digital stores.

Mobile payment methods and mobile/physical hybrid payment systems truly appear to be the wave of the future. By making the transition early and providing your customers with a variety of secure payment processing options, you are sure to offer one that they trust. Additionally, the convenience of cellphone payments can add to your brick and mortar customer base. For more information on introducing modern payment methods to your location, contact E-Pro Consultants today.